Renovation of Zahnarztpraxis with Full Daylight Spectrum LED Lighting.

Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Manuel Theelen in Köln-Brück needed a thorough renovation, Full spectrum lighting in the Dental Treatment Rooms was provided by DentLed.

Traditional dental clinic lighting can be inadequate for precise treatment and energy efficiency. Existing lighting conditions were causing inaccuracies in colour rendering, critical for dental restoration, and contributing to staff fatigue.

Led light for treatment rooms in dental surgaries and clinics

The Solution

The clinic invested in Full Daylight Spectrum LED lighting with three key advantages:
1. **High Colour Rendering:** Crucial for accurate tooth color determination and enhancing treatment quality.

2. **Optimal Lux Level:** Provides 2000 lux around the patient’s mouth, meeting recommended ambient light levels for a dental treatment room.
3. **Ergonomic Benefits:** The full-spectrum lighting reduces fatigue and improves posture for dental staff.
Additionally, 5000k LEDs were installed in the hallways for uniform lighting throughout the clinic.

Results for Dental Practice Manuel Theelen, Köln

The new lighting significantly improved the accuracy of colour-sensitive procedures, leading to better patient outcomes.

Improved Ergonomics

Dental staff reported less fatigue and improved posture, making for a more comfortable work environment.


5000k lighting in hallways provided a consistent and professional atmosphere from entry to exit.


The clinic also saw energy savings, an added benefit of the new lighting system.

Dentled Clinic lights for Dental care and more


The Full Daylight Spectrum LED lighting renovation has not only improved the quality of care at Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Manuel Theelen but also enhanced staff well-being. The case underscores the importance of lighting in medical settings, offering valuable insights for clinics worldwide.

Products installed: 

PHL 14 Black Full spectrum daylight LED lights for dental care

DLR 5000K premium downlighters


Dr. med. dent. Manuel Theelen

Olpener Straße 779

51109 Köln

Renovation of Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Manuel Theelen, Köln-Brück, with Full Daylight Spectrum LED Lighting.