The crucial role that lighting plays in delivering exceptional dental care

Kunzig Dental Clinic recently underwent a renovation of their dental treatment rooms. As part of this transformation, they chose the DentLED DL120 Full Spectrum Lighting solution for two of their rooms.

Why is good lighting so essential in dental clinic renovations? Let us shed some light on the matter.

Zahnatelier Künzing recognized the crucial role that lighting plays in delivering exceptional dental care. They selected the DentLED DL120 Full Spectrum Lighting solution to ensure optimal lighting conditions for both patients and dental professionals.

Zahnatelier Künzing treatment room with Dentled LED treatment room lights
Zahnatelier Künzing room 2 - Dental treatment room lighting after renovation

LED lighting offers Multitude of benefits

The DentLED DL120 provides a full spectrum of LED light, closely resembling natural daylight. This technology offers a multitude of benefits. For dental practitioners, it enhances visibility, ensuring accurate color perception, high “CRI”  and precise treatment procedures. With superior lighting, the dental team at Zahn atelier Künzing can perform their work with utmost precision and confidence.

Equally important, good lighting creates a warm and inviting environment for patients. The DentLED DL120’s carefully calibrated spectrum fosters a comfortable and soothing atmosphere, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation during dental visits. Zahn atelier Künzing understands the significance of a relaxed patient, enabling them to provide the highest quality of care while ensuring patient satisfaction.

Renovating the treatment room and updating to Dentled Light

At DentLED, we are proud of lighting solutions that empower dental clinics like Kunzig Dental to create exceptional treatment spaces. Experience the transformative power of DentLED lighting solutions in your dental practice. Elevate your patient experience and ensure optimal lighting conditions for successful treatments. Contact DentLED today to discover how our advanced lighting technology can illuminate your dental clinic’s future.

Key features and benefits Dentled LED lighting

  • CRI – Colour rendering index of 90+ or 97+ for accurate shade matching
  • Flicker free drivers – no fatigue inducing visible or invisible icker
  • High dispersion creates an even distribution of light throughout the treatment room.
  • Low glare, the light is not perceived as harsh or unpleasant.
  • High output – 1500–2000 lux at the oral cavity.

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