Case Study: Replace Fluorescent tube lighting with efficient full daylight spectrum LED lighting in Praxis Matthias Schroeder – Witten Germany.

Dental practice Dr. Matthias Schroeder Za. Corinna Schroeder in Witten Germany replaced their old fluorescent tube lighting in the dental treatment room with DentLed full daylight spectrum PHL22 lighting for dental treatment rooms. The most important immediate benefits to Dr. Matthias Schroeder Za. Corinna Schroeder are:

  • Less fatigue due to decreased eye strain.
  • Less need for fatigue inducing adjustments between light and dark.
  • Improved colour identification and shade matching.
  • Less tired due to absence of flickering light because poor quality drivers
  • Less heat produced in the treatment room. 
  • No replacement of fluorescent tubes
  • Lower energy cost and lower total cost of ownership.
Full spectrum light for treatment rooms dental clinics
Dentled phl22 full spectrum daylight for treatmentrooms dentists

Introduction – fluorescent lighting end of life. Matthias Schroeder, co-owner of Praxis Matthias Schroeder, Za.Corinna Schroeder in Witten, Germany, had been using fluorescent lighting luminaires above the dentist chairs in the dental treatment rooms of his dental practice. 

The fluorescent tube lights are a dedicated system for dental practice lighting and one of the best lighting systems available to dentists at the time of purchase. 

Now, 15 years later, the lamps are starting to show their age and there are several disadvantages to fluorescent lighting for dental treatment rooms while there are quite some important advantages to using full daylight spectrum LED lighting in dental treatment rooms

From Fluorescent to LED full spectrum lighting.

Dr. Matthias Schroeder found DentLed while searching for an alternative to his current fluorescent dental treatment room lighting. 

Dr. Schroeder contacted us by email, after a quick phone call to assess the project and discuss Dr. Schroeder’s requirements for the lighting in his dental treatment rooms, and after he sent us a few pictures of his treatment rooms, we recommended the DentLed PHL22 dental treatment room lighting system, the most important consideration was the required level of light and the fact that some of the existing suspension points could be re-used, simplifying installation. 

Below, a table that illustrates the advantages of full daylight spectrum LED lighting over

Comparison table:  fluorescent tube lighting vs LED Lighting for dental treatment rooms.


fluorescent tube lighting

full daylight spectrum LED lighting

Fatigue and eye strain less fatigue due to eye strain.

cannot achieve the recommended light level of 1500-2000 lux at the oral cavity.

Possible to achieve the recommended light level of 1500-2000 lux at the oral cavity, reducing fatigue and eye strain after long hours of work.

Fatigue inducing visible and invisible flicker

fluorescent tube lights without high frequency ballasts (or drivers) cause visible and invisible flicker, which is known to cause fatigue. 

All DentLED full spectrum LED lighting systems are equipped with high flicker free LED drivers that allow dimming without flicker.

Uniform lighting across the dental treatment room reduces the demand on the eyes to adjust between dark and bright areas, minimizing eye strain.

Fluorescent tube lights cannot produce enough light (without producing to much heat) to illuminate the dental treatment room in an even fashion.

DentLed suspended lighting has both indirect lighting, illuminating the ceiling and the dental treatment room, and direct lighting, that illuminates the dentists work area. 

Enhanced color rendering index (CRI) enables precise shade differentiation and simplifies the distinction between tissue and blood within the oral cavity.

Fluorescent tube lights in a dental treatment room can have a CRI of between 50 and 80. This means that colours are not rendered as effectively as normal daylight.

Full Daylight Spectrum lamps for Dental treatment rooms from DentLed have a minimal CRI of 94. This means that colours are rendered the same as normal daylight. This makes shade matching and distinguishing between blood and tissue easier.

LowerTotal cost of ownership: Energy cost, replacement fluorescent tube cost etc.

Fluorescent tube lights have a life expectancy of 7,000 to 15,000 hours, after which they need to be replaced. A fluorescent tube fixture in a dental treatment room can contain up to 10 tubes that need to be replaced. The total energy consumption is also considerably higher than LED lighting.

DentLed full spectrum lighting systems for dental treatment rooms have a life expectancy of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. With normal use in a dental treatment room: 20 to 40yrs. 

Hygiene and cleaning

Light fixtures for fluorescent lighting in dental treatment rooms are often large cumbersome boxes with a large surface area that is difficult to access as it is positioned directly above the dental chair. This makes cleaning more difficult. 

DentLed suspended lamps have a very narrow profile and the lamps are suspended around the dentist, this means that they collect very little dust ad can be accessed very easily when cleaning is required.

Heat in the dental treatment room.

In order to produce as much light as possible (still not the required amount), fluorescent lamps also produce a lot of heat in the dental treatment room.

LED is generally twice as efficient as fluorescent lighting meaning that half the heat is produced for the same amount of light.

The project

We created an offer for new lighting for the 2 dental treatment rooms of Dr. Matthias Schroeder. Dr Schroeder did not require an offer for installation, as he would take care of this himself. 

After a few questions that we could quickly answer in a few phone calls, Dr. Schroeder confirmed the order, and we promptly shipped the new lamps to his dental practice, the total time for the project was less than two weeks.

Installation of the LED lamps in the Dental Treatment room.

As mentioned, Dr Schroeder managed the installation himself. The installation was very straightforward as he could use suspension points of the old fluorescent tube lighting fixture above the dental chair. 

The electrical installation was also straightforward as he could use the existing power connection.


Dr. Schroeder has now been working with the DentLed PHL22 full spectrum daylight LED lighting in his Dental Treatment rooms for several weeks and has reported substantially improved working conditions when compared to working under the fluorescent tube lighting fixture. 

Before and after pictures

Various pictures of the replacement from fluorescent tube lighting to full spectrum LED lighting in the dental clinic of Matthias Schroeder.

Before: Old Fluorescent lighting fixture in dental treatment room.

Before: Old Fluorescent lighting fixture in dental treatment room.

Before: second dental treatment room with fluorescent lighting fixture : Dr Matthias Schroeder, Witten, Germany.

Before: second dental treatment room with fluorescent lighting fixture : Dr Matthias Schroeder, Witten, Germany.

Praxis Matthias Schroeder, praxis beleuchtung Dentled

After: DentLed PHL22 full spectrum lighting in treatment room 1.

After: DentLed PHL22 lighting in dental treatment room 2 – Dental clinic Dr. Matthias Schroeder

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