Dental care lighting

Full Spectrum daylight 

DENTLED provides the finest workplace LED lighting which meets the specific needs for dentists, orthodontists, dental hygienists, oral surgeons, implant dentists, dental technicians and prosthodontists.

Not only do Dentled luminaires offer all properties for ideal dental workplace lighting, improve ergonomics, energy efficient and will reduce your energy costs greatly.

Dentled luminaires are the perfect mix of form and function. A true upgrade for your dental practice!

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The right luminance

The ratio of 10:1:0.5 can be used for optimal lighting at a dental workplace. This is the ratio between oral cavity illumination by a surgical lamp (20,000 lux for most dentist’s lamps, newer surgical LED lights often reach even higher values up to 55,000 lux), the direct vicinity of the mouth (2,000 lux) and the illuminance in the rest of the treatment room (800-1,000 lux).

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Focus on light

Incorrect work field lighting

Common complaints as a result of incorrect work field lighting:

  • burning eyes
  • fatigue
  • concentration problems
  • unable to determine color well ( Vita ) 
  • poor contrast display

The LED lighting solution from Dentled fully meets the requirements needed for dental care working light and offers the lighting concept for a successful dental practice and healthy work environment.

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