Dental Clinic Renovation in Berlin

Dr. Riep, from the Zehlendorf dental clinic in Berlin, collaborated with interior architect Silke Niermann for the renovation of her dental clinic. Dentled Germany  was asked to provide a plan for new lighting in the treatment rooms.

Lighting Plan

Dentled Germany offered advice on full-spectrum daylight and recommended suitable lights for the treatment rooms based on the plan created by Silke Niermann and Dr. Riep. In a meeting with Dr. Riep, the new full-spectrum daylight was explained and tested, allowing her to experience the light and conduct tests such as color determination with a Vita ring. This is particularly beneficial as dentists often resort to walking to the window to determine color when the lighting in the treatment room is inadequate. With Full Spectrum daylight LED Lighting this is history. 

Dental Clinic Berlin after renovation with new LED Light for treatmentrooms
Dental Clinic lights in Clinic berlin


Following the renovation and the new floorplan, the installer installed the new DENTLED PHL lights, and the clinic was reopened.

“Dr. Riep and her team are very happy with the new look, and especially with the new lighing! Thanks a lot for all your support. I would be very happy if we worked on a project together again”.SIlke Niermann

Products:  PHL14 Full spectrum daylight LED lights

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Dental Clinic Renovation in Berlin - treatment room lights - Dentled
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