Renovating your dental clinic?  updatE the lighting!

What are positive effects of high quality LED lighting on your dental work, energy usage and patient experiences.

Dentled Lighting for dental care - Dentists and dental care work lighting

LED lights save energy

Changing from Fluorescent conventional lighting will lower cost and save up to 70% energy consumption. High quality LED’s extremely long life expectancy is 80.000 hours. The best fluorescent lighting will only reach up to 17.000 hours. 

Better work

The high demands on the dentist’s eyesight and eye-hand coordination for 6-8 hours per day mean that the lighting in the treatment room has to meet special requirements.

This is 2000 Lux in the direct vicinity of the mouth and the illuminance in the rest of the treatment room (800-1,000 lux). The ratio of 10:1:0.5 can be used for optimal lighting at a dental workplace. This is the ratio between oral cavity illumination by a surgical lamp (20,000 lux for most dentist’s lamps, newer surgical LED lights often reach even higher values up to 55,000 lux).

Full spectrum daylight

is LED light whose spectrum closely mimics that of natural daylight. This is good for color determination, its soft light, not blinding or harsh on the eyes and has no hardening or curing effect on dental composites and glues.

Specifically, it should have a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 95 or higher, and a color temperature of 5000K+, UGR <19 that avoids unpleasant glares. The use of flicker-free drivers is less strenuous for the eyes by avoiding the 50hz flickering of the light source. read more about the effects of incorrect lighting. 

Dentled Lighting installed at Valoris dental with Arseus dental depot
Dentled Dental clinic and treatmentroom light


Choosing the light solutions for the treatment rooms, routing, reception, waiting lounge often depends on building construction and ceiling. Direct and indirect lighting with pendant fixtures, direct lighting with LED panels or built- in fixtures. 

It is important to have a Dialux light plan made with the chosen led fixtures or Led panels for the dental clinic. This will make sure the lighting is placed correctly with the right luminance in the dental clinic. ​​Dental practice owners should aspire to have balanced lighting throughout their entire dental clinic.

Patients experience

light and design are part of the patient experience and can help “anxious” patients relax from the moment they enter the dental clinic. First impressions are important. Photo ceilings can bring the outside inside in which lighting and photography come together and create a positive atmosphere in any interior. In the treatment room full spectrum daylight LEDs with an UGR <19 that avoids unpleasant glares from the lighting fixtures. 

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